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Since 1980, Primary and Intermediate schools throughout New Zealand have received FREE 1B5 homework exercise books with safety awareness cartoons printed on the covers. These cartoons aim to teach children of school age various aspects of Safety Awareness:
  • Melanoma Awareness Cartoon
    - encourages children to apply sun screen, wear a hat etc.
  • Online Chat Safety
    - discusses the danger of meeting up face to face with people they meet on the internet.
  • 5+ a Day
    - encourages children to eat their fruit and vegetables
  • Electrical Safety
    - talks about he danger of power points
  • Road Safety
    - encourages children to "Stop, Look and Listen" plus the importance of wearing seatbelts.
This is a selection of the cartoons printed on the covers of the Academy Homework exercise books, and PDF versions of the cartoons are available here:
Outside Front Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Outside Back Cover

The internal pages are the standard 7mm ruled line, and the books are supplied FREE on the understanding that children use the books for homework purposes, and that they are NOT covered unless clear dura-seal is used. The front cover has a picture of the New Zealand Coat of Arms with a description so children can learn about the various components of our Coat of Arms. Schools can also personalise their front covers with artwork of their choice.

Underneath each cartoon there is a space where local businesses place their details along with a support message for their local school and families. It is by way of these businesses supporting specific child safety awareness cartoons on the covers of the books that we can provide them FREE to schools throughout the country as we have done for the last 30 years.

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